Welcome to Your Marriage Covenant!

We’ve all heard the phrase “Marriage Covenant” before, but how many of us could actually explain what the phrase means?  How many of us actually know whether or not our marriages or relationships go in line with the Biblical definition of a marriage covenant?

We define the word Covenant as “an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.”

The basic idea behind the word COVENANT is that it is an agreement between two or more people to fulfill certain conditions or obligations. More or less, it is a promise made by one person to do or not do something to or for another person or people.

In the Bible we see God making covenants with His people.  God’s many promises to Abraham and his many descendants and land, His covenant with Noah after the flood, David and his lineage and kingdom, and even with Jesus coming to create a new covenant between God and his people are some of the better known examples we see of “biblical” covenants.

We’d like to break down the covenant even further.  Apply those same principles and that same connection to God to your own life.  To be more specific, apply it to your marriage!

Marriage, between a man and a woman, was created and designed by God!  Since God designed marriage, it is meant to be a good thing!

Do You Desire to Have a Better Marriage?

We believe that we should strive for nothing less than a perfect marriage. Marriage is a gift from God (Genesis 2:18-24). Unfortunately, many of us overlook this fact. Our world has quickly turned marriage into a “who will help ME have a better life” contractual relationship, and has forgotten what it means to live a life of loving sacrifice and service for, and with, another person.

Our reason for starting this site is to provide resources to help people gain a better understanding of their marriages using God’s Word.

The best way to have an amazing marriage is to involve God and His Word in your relationship.

The Bible is full of valuable information that can dramatically impact our marriages in great ways if we will let it. We have to root our marriages in the promises of God.

How Can YMC Help You In Your Marriage?

One of the biggest struggles we have with online marriage sites is that there are so many. You may be asking, why would you create another one? Our answer to that is that I want this site to serve as a resource site for married couples.

We want to gather the best articles, links, tips and advice to provide you with the best solutions for your marital and relationship issues. You and your spouse need to realize that there is hope when things get rocky, and that hope is GOD!

We provide tools and information couples need to develop their marriage the way God designed it to be.

Your marriage can benefit from this site.

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Let’s dig deep into God’s Word together and see where He wants to take us in our marriages!