YMC 2016 Wrap-up and New Year Plans


YMC 2016 Wrap-up and New Year Plans

Hello YMCers!

It has been a little while since we have posted anything to the website and our social media accounts.  We apologize for our absence but wanted to write this post to share with you some of what has been going on in our lives!

2016 Holiday Season Wrap-up

We took a few weeks off to focus on our families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays this year.  It has been a busy few weeks, but they have been awesome!

Thanksgiving was fantastic!  Spending some much needed quality time with our family and friends felt great!  It’s pretty much a requirement to eat too much and watch too much TV (mostly football) on Thanksgiving!  We also got some much needed time away from our jobs!  Who doesn’t like getting time off from work??

Shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday, Jon and Nicole had a beautiful baby girl on December 4th!  She came in weighing 8lbs 11oz!  That’s a pretty big baby (some might say just like her dad). Her name is Hazel Joy Abercrombie! Nicole did an amazing job delivering Hazel! Jon was reminded how grateful he was that men don’t have to physically carrying and delivering babies!!! Watching and being a part of the birth of a child is truly a miracle! God is so creative!

2017: It’s a Whole New Year

Knowing that 2017 is quickly approaching, we decided to evaluate how the past few months have gone with YMC. During that time, we did some praying, communicating and personal evaluations. We decided we wanted to make a few adjustments heading into the new year.

First off, we plan on cutting back on the Podcast episodes.  We feel like we bit off more than we could chew with trying to produce a weekly podcast.  With both of us having young children, full time jobs, and other social commitments, we were finding it difficult to consistently get together to record content.

A lot of work goes into producing a quality podcast episode each week.  We had to come up with topics, prepare for those topics, set up times to record, edit the recordings, and publish the podcast.

We found ourselves not being able to fully commit to any of those steps.  Marriage and the family unit are SO IMPORTANT, and we want to put out a quality “product” each week.  We felt like we were letting the listeners down by not being able to commit more time to preparing for each topic.

We do plan on doing more podcasts, they will most likely be sporadic until we are able to commit more time to thoroughly preparing for them each week.

Our focus will shift to generating quality blog posts, articles, book/product reviews, and interviews to help bring the family unit closer to God! We definitely encourage everyone to reach out to us with issues and topics that they are dealing with in their lives.  The best way for us to grow is to share our experiences and information with each other.

We hope to have your continued prayer and support as we work on providing more tangible material and information for our community!

That being said…

Christmas was yesterday and today is all about recovery! We have enjoyed being in the Christmas spirit and spending time with our friends and family! Hopefully all of your Christmas shopping is done and you won’t have to go out and fight the craziness!  We enjoyed sharing the Christmas story with our children and ripping open some presents!  We hope you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and we look forward to growing with you as we head into the new year!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Do you still do any from when you were a kid? If so, which ones have stood the test of time?